Re: None Dare Call It “Fascism.” Why Not?

Michael Meeropol

Fred thank you very much --- I learned a lot.

I agree that the people who participated in the insurrection were for the most part "useful idiots" for the "fascist wannabees" in the Republican party --- they could not organize a real takeover -- of course.

BUT -- they did provide, with their demands (echoed by the majority of Republicans in the House) that the election results be overturned.   

This then set off the round of state laws designed to do two things -- two interconnected things --- first continue to suppress the vote of the "wrong" voters and (more importantly) second create a roadmap (the Georgia law is the most specific) permitting the Legislature to in effect overturn election results they don't like

TO the extent that those two things become the law (supported by a so-called "conservative" Supreme Court) we will be well on our way to extinguishing the democratic forms that have been used to convince ordinary Americans that we live in a "wonderful democracy."

The mass support for this approach is obvious --- even if it takes on the absurdity of pushing back against basic public health policies, it also give support for these plots by various state legislatures --

What is lacking -- (and it's kind of weird to be depending on it) --- is a desire on the part of the ruling class to dispense with the democratic forms.   IN some way, this is a "lucky" side - effect of the fact that the left is so goddam weak and marginalized ... that the ruling class has no interest in supporting Trump and Trumpism ...

Remember that in the German Parliamentary elections of 1932, the Communists increased their vote while the Nazis took a slight dip in their vote --- this may have been (I don't know this story --- european history experts might have this at their fingertips) what caused significant sections of the German ruling class to attempt to "hire" Hitler --- I don't see any real threat to Capitalism, American style from our side --- The dems remain tied to corporate America even with a 100 strong progressive caucus --- THus, I think in a weird way, we can be grateful that the ruling class so far in this country has resisted Trumpism --

We will see what happens in the 2022 elections --- will some major ruling class institutions black-ball the Trumpist Republicans?

Meanwhile, I think the best thing our side can do is attempt to reach the people who are described at the end of Fred's really excellent piece as the masses that feel the "ground disappearing beneath their feet."


Fascism, then, was not for ordinary times. No masses would have found it attractive had they not felt the ground disappearing beneath their feet. No dominant classes would have called on its services had their dominance remained secure.

ME: I think the ruling class of the US still believes their dominance to be secure -- if anything they have much more to fear from Trumpism than from us!

In this context, I recommend highly Steven Colatrella's excellent book LOOKING OVER THE ABYSS, THE US and EUROPE BEYOND CAPITALISM where he analyzes the rise of strongmen all over the world --- Erdogan in Turkey, Bolsanaro in Brazil, Trump in the US, Orban in Hungary, etc. etc. --- as per Marx's 18th BRUMAIRE OF LOUIS BONAPARTE --- Not sure Steven would aqree that Trumpism is incipient fascism but he does analyze why the capitalist world seems to "throw up" such "strongmen" at this time ---

Thanks again, Fred.

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