Re: Synergy of Supreme Court and Texas SB8

Michael Meeropol

We should all contribute to the Texas underground railroad and dare the fuckers to come after us --- anyone who sues me will get a SLAPP suit right back at them ...

Don't mean to be flip --- this should be an organized response ...

On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 11:15 PM Andrew Stewart <hasc.warrior.stew@...> wrote:
There’s a few parameters to analyze here

A-Economic impact: How significant would an entertainment industry boycott of Texas actually be were it to materialize? The state has plenty of country western and other indigenous forms of entertainment that have existed there for a long time.

B-Interstate jurisprudence-The Texas law is so broad and open to interpretation that it is fair to wonder whether these lawsuits against people who aid women getting abortion can cross state lines. If I donate to a Texas abortion fund, are they going to lodge a suit against me in RI? And it the subpoena is sent to RI, will the State Attorney General allow it to be served, especially since our state codified Roe in the state law several years ago? Once that chain of events begins, what happens to the interstate laws that underwrite the mandate of the Federal Government?

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