Re: New SDS

Farans Kalosar

Mark, I don't know about "your" SDS--as you say, the local orgs were all different--but I'm wondering whether the fault you mention doesn't lie as much with SDS as with eg the SWP.  Would they have been open to the SWP as they were to PL?   How interested were the chapters in anything "old left?"  This looks to me like two not tangoing--a failure of the entire US left, although a complex and many-sided one.  

Maybe there are some new currents. What about the young people who organized George Floyd solidarity marches not so long ago?  I don't know whether you are familiar with Bucyrus, Ohio, but there was a march there with more than a hundred people and not a single Oath Keeper or Boogaloo with an assault rifle. It took some pretty adroit organizing to make that happen--believe me it was a big surprise.  There must be some pretty advanced people in that Trump-loving "stronghold."  Who is going to reach out to them?  AFAIK they aren't necessarily students--a second SDS might not reach them.  

Maybe that's where old guys like you and Meeropol could pass some real insight to young people--as opposed to the dead-end cultism and nostalgia that are currently passing from the scene like the Grand Army of the Republic. 

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