Re: Nature Article on Ivermectin

Farans Kalosar

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 08:19 AM, hari kumar wrote:
Thanks fkalosar - that reference certainly adds extra detail. Perhaps the proponents of this type of COVID denialism will back off. 
Hari Kumar

 I wish I could agree--there's a social pathology going on here that defies description--especially when you encounter the denialism among the self-identified "left"--for example, the antivaxers trying to control the "conversation" on the Sixties Leftist/SDS page on Facebook. 

Regarding PubMed, I'm finding a barrel of citations of pro-ivermectin stuff on PubMed--far beyond my capacity to evaluate.  One does have to ask whether all this is a legitimate canvass of worthwhile literature or the product of some sinister right-wing influence at NLM.

BTW: Salon, of all places, has an (AFAIK) good high-level review of [some of] the "studies":

I can't help wondering how much of this stuff is just plain faked--crudely adapted plagiarism or actually computer-generated phony BS.  I have the impression that the Egyptian preprint that was withdrawn may have been fraudulent (note character of current Egyptian gov.) And what about that Brazilian study--has Bolsonaro or some toady intervened?  

The integrity and governance of scientific discourse seem so vulnerable.

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