Re: Unrepentant and saving

Michael Meeropol

yes, Louis was quite the POLYMATH --- I hope his family has saved his movie reviews --- they warrant collecting and preserving.

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 1:08 PM D Derwin <siptuactivist@...> wrote:
What a time of loss this is. ‘The Unrepentant Marxist’ was a cornucopia. A clearing station for the post sect left. A curmudgeon sure and not a diplomat, blind spots like us all. A voracious reader and viewer, a prolific, high octane educator. A grumpy and fearless on-pointer on the rocky road between isolation and capitulation, the road to relevance again. Where now will we get the news? The new angles. The fascinating branch lines of study. The things we didn’t know (the things they didn’t tell us) about the Bolshevik tradition. The pointers to lefty movies and the filleting of commercial ones.
Rest in Power.

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