Re: Louis N. Proyect

Michael Meeropol

Thank you for that post, Michael.   I am relatively new to Marxmail but I learned a tremendous amount --- we all feared Louis was fadiing but didn't want to believe it --- You are right --- he will live on --- but many of us will actually have to step up our games --

as Holly Near wrote in "It could have been me ...."

".... I'll keep doing the work you were doing as if I were two ...." --- a tough admonition to follow but ....

Solidarity, Mike

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 9:16 AM Michael Yates <mikedjyates@...> wrote:

It is with great sadness that I announce to the group that our moderator and my good friend, Louis Proyect, has died. He had a serious illness for some time. He died peacefully in his sleep on August 25. I will miss him greatly, and I assume you will as well. He began the listserv many years ago and kept it alive and growing through trying times. Louis was a voracious reader, and almost every day, he posted links to articles from a wide variety of sources on multiple subjects, from politics and economics to music and philosophy to physics and ecology. I am sure we have all learned a great deal from his posts. He did much in his life, through his efforts in Nicaragua and South Africa, for example, and with his voluminous writing, to push radical transformation forward. He allied himself with leftists around the world. He seemed to know just about everybody. Those who knew him personally know that he was a good human being, always willing to help a friend, no matter where in the world that person happened to be. He and his wife Mine showed me and my partner many kindnesses over the years. 

Louis wanted the list to continue. Les Schaffer and I will see if we can make this happen. He will be posting a note today as well. In the meantime, keep posting and discussing, especially the latter. It is through thoughtful interchange than we learn how to sharpen our arguments. 

Goodbye, Louis. You will live on in our hearts and in our efforts to change the world.   


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