Re: Sources on 'what went wrong' in Afghanistan?

hari kumar

Forgive me for staying an opinion not based on any *recent* review of events and literature. However if there is a true support for the Taliban as stated by Marv Gandall, it is understandable.

As I would interpret, one of the roots of the Taliban was the rejection of Soviet Social imperialism. That the Taliban were then empowered and armed and propped up by USA imperialism - does not mean they did not resent USA force in Afghanistan. All this is seen in the books by Ahmed Rashid - obviously from a non-Marxist, but nonetheless a perceptive informed observer. 

Quite some time go in 2002, I tried to review the history of Afghanistan from a M-ist viewpoint - now at:

While as I admit, this has not seen the benefit of updating, I think it continues to have some worth. The introduction proffers the view that:
" The Afghanistan war of 2001-2002 has been the prelude to the coming Third World War. In this world war the force of the USA will be likely pitched against that of China. We anticipate that some of the key points of the war will involve the Central Asian Republics and their strategic positions, and their reserves of oil. "

For what it is worth, I do believe that a full blown clash is coming, although when is another matter. In the meantime in especial, we likely all agree that the women and girls of Afghanistan are much jeopardised.

Hari Kumar


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