Re: Marxism resurges among young Chinese after CPC’s centenary proves a success | Hu Yuwei and Huang Lanlan | Global Times via MR Online

Michael Meeropol

I imagine this will sound a bit like a skunk at the picnic --- but I wonder how much a detailed study of Marx's writings will help Chinese students understand the economic dynamics of what the CPC likes to call (incorrectly in my view) "Socialism with Chinese characteristics".   I think Marx has tremendous insight into understanding capitalism --- and if one lives by Lukacs admonition that orthodoxy in Marxism relates ONLY to METHOD --- it is possible (lots of people have done it) to start with Marx and end up with lots of very useful things to say about Capitalism today.   But how to turn what exists in China into real socialism --- not sure even the best of studies of Marx himself and the subsequent classics will work.

The problem with official studies of Marxism (going back to the old Soviet Union) is that the governments in charge of those studies will tell the students what to learn from reading the classics --- 

Which will bend the classics to the needs of the governments in charge --- (Stalin presided over many people getting educated about Marxism during his years running the SOviet Union --- was there any creative understanding that came from reading and re-reading (and regurgitating) Marx, Engels and Lenin --- and Stalin's own writings?) ---- I imagine the CPC leadership is making sure the students in the PRC learn "Marxism" the right way ---- just as the Catholic hierarchy made sure that priests and bishops learned the "right" kind of Christianity!

Now -- if learning Marxism from the original classics awakens Chinese youth to the similarities between "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and the factory system in early British capitalism so strongly described and condemned by Engels and Marx, maybe such studies will have a positive impact in China .... One can hope!   (but better not hold our breath)

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