Re: Question re the Influenza of 1918-19

hari kumar

Dear Don:

Many sincere thanks indeed for those references. In particular the excerpt of Sigerist's book was from the 'American J Public Health' & is a special review issue of 100 year after the Bolsheviks in relation to health in the USSR. This relevant issue of the AJPH proved to be a treasure mine.  My prior search had been for variations on the words Russian Rev, and Influenza. I had not thought of searching just for Henry Sigerist! But tracking your finding, and trying to get the pdf out - I stumbled on the whole issue - for which many thanks. To those on the list wanting that pdf that Don mentioned, it was behind a paywall that I had access to, but it may not be easy. If needed, write me off-line and I can send. 

Also Don & Others, there are a number of other very interesting articles in the issue including this one, which contains a super 1927 poster on preventive health, from the commissariat of public health. 


Propagandizing the Healthy, Bolshevik Life in the Early USSR
Tricia A. Starks, PhD; This essay outlines the problems facing Soviet health authorities at the inception of the People’s Commissariat of Public Health in 1918 and the innovative methods employed in sanitary enlighten- ment propaganda in Russia throughout the 1920s. Beset by funding issues and supply problems, the emissaries of health chose the cheapest means of health improvement (propaganda) with the most cost-effective method (prevention), and crowed of great successes even as large portions of the nation still suffered from lack of contact with sanitary authorities. Targeting Soviet citizens at every stage and space of life, the envoys of public health spread the message of prophylaxis. (Am J Public Health. 2017;107:1718–1724. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2017.304049)".

Again if anyone wants the pdf, write to me off-line and can do so. 

Regards Hari


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