Re: Slavery vs. White Supremacy,Van Gosse, reply by Sean Wilentz

Michael Meeropol

Thanks for posting the debate between Van Gosse and Sean Wilentz ...

Wilentz doth protest too much --- I am impressed with Van's restraint ....

I don't understand people who claim to be serious historians who cannot recognize that "both, ... and..." is usually a better basis for historical analysis than "either, .... or....." -===.  

And let's remember that there were plenty of WHITE abolitionists (and who known maybe some black ones as well) who were against SLAVERY but also against citizenship for blacks --- preferring they be sent back to Africa.   Thus, racism and white supremacy could go together with abolitionism --- In fact, one of the great contributions of Eric Foner's recent book about Lincoln was that he (Lincoln) "moved away" from being in favor of colonization by freed blacks over the course of his career so that by the time the Civil War was raging, Lincoln was a firm believer that the ultimate fate of black Americans was that as CITIZENS ...(actually, I think he had reached that position at the time of his debates with Douglas)

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