Re: OOPS --- not so fast

Farans Kalosar

You do have to make a distinction between the terrorized and deluded victims of the anti-vax hoax and the criminals who have caused this unprecedented collapse of social solidarity.  But that distinction should not lead to "liberalism" toward antivaxism, which must IMO be severely and--where necessary--forcibly repressed in the interests of that greater humanity in which we all sort of believe although it does not yet actually exist.

I have a nephew who is a diehard Trumpist.  He is not stupid--has a chess rating of something like 180, but dropped out of college after a year or so, and works on computers for the state gov't where he lives.  Personally he is a sweet guy in his way--loves roses, kittens, puppies, and music both classical and otherwise, as well as certain people including Yours Truly (I think), to whom he is emotionally deeply loyal.. The exception to this lovingkindness is his oldest sister, whom he is forever repudiating and to whom he seldom speaks.  He suffers from the curse of religious mania.

He has two beautiful sons, one grown and the other rapidly reaching his majority.  Everyone in our tiny and far-flung unhappy family loves both of them. He would die for them.

He is on and off Facebook, where he continually closes and reopens his account in the interstices of being criticized for his Trumpist propaganda. He's taught himself a significant amount of German and French, can draw a bit, and would would die for his sons. Moreover, despite a temper that can be volcanic, he is deeply non-violent personally--a big fellow who played a bit of football in high school and could fight if he wanted to.  He wants nothing to do AFAIK with the gun culture and is IMO incapable of a mass shooting or assassination.

Both sons still live at home for reasons that don't discredit the older son.

The boys got themselves vaccinated behind their father's back.  When one of them told my niece what they had done, he added, "Don't tell Dad."

No amount of handholding and sensitive counseling is going to correct his guy's outlook, which includes an element of outright delusion. 

I do love him, but personal love is overrated.  It shouldn't stand in the way of that larger Eros that probably does, as per Freud and Marcuse, roughly tie civilizations together, but which has been critically undermined by late capitalism and its ideo-pathologies, and which has never yet been manifested consistently across entire civilizations.

Stern and, if necessary, forcible coercion must be applied even to him, not to mention the tens of millions of pickup-truck-and-football-chewing homicidal he-men who tyrannize over everyone within fist's reach, creating terror in the women, children, and weaker men who cower in their shadows. These felons have caused and are perpetuating the gigantic pool of non-vaccination in which ever-more-dangerous versions of the virus incubate.

Compare the situation now with the situation during the polio epidemic of the 1950s, when a sufficient level of vaccination was achieved without the threatened collapse of the Constitution--and without the incredibly profitable  blessing of Pfizer and the other capitalist monstrosities for which we are now supposed to root like little cheerleaders.

Michael Meeropol, IMO, is not only a brilliant fellow and one to be deeply respected but also, it seems, an unusually kind and decent person.  But we can't be kind to everyone at all times.

Antivaxism is a criminal conspiracy.  It should be dealt with sternly, authoritatively, and without hesitation.  Effective decimation of the leadership, if feasible, would be IMO a good thing.

This has to be stopped dead by whatever means can be brought to bear, but least of all by thoughts, prayers, and (so to speak) Haydn quartets or the songs of Joan Baez.

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