Re: OOPS --- not so fast


It seems you are the agent provocateur now; by telling us that vaccination for the flu is of the same order as mandatory vaccination for Covid which is registered in a government 'pass sanitaire'. Ridiculous.

On Mon, Aug 2, 2021 at 05:50 PM, hari kumar wrote:
This may not be welcome but I ask anyway. Why are jobs supported in any way by state resources, not mandating Vxx for work? I gather some Trade unions oppose this. I do not think that is progressive in any way. I had no choice in Philly or Canada but to be vaxxed for flu - even though the mutability and unpredictability of this yearly vaxx was quite variable o my understanding. but it was (and is) the right thing to do. 

Anyway, it is worth talking to you and many others who are on this list. However those that raise statistical issues and then when challenged on statistics blather Mark Twain's dinner party joke about 'statistics, damn statistics and damn lies' etc... are mere provocateurs in my opinion. 

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