Re: Will things ever return to normal? It doesn't look that way right now |

hari kumar

Louis: What the article in Salon does not really note (I think) is that the deeper the reservoir of non-vaccinated people, the more mutation(s) rolls on. Of course this has implications for world-coverage. It is a new aspect of Frederick Engels' observations that the bourgeoisie only dealt seriously with 'contagion' by measures including those of Chadwick's water purification etc - when they are threatened. Likely at some stage they will want to deal with the reservoir in the poorer worlds. I do not think the 'Salon'-observations about no meaning to herd immunity are really that 'black' as put in the article. The R factor and replication of this virus suggests strongly that 70% (at best double coverage vaccination) is simply not wide enough to get that herd immunity. Unless, as Dr Drosten argyles (Robert Koch Inst. Berlin) that that remaining 30% will contribute to her immunity by dying of COVID or at least getting it and having some immunity. Again - the race is a world wide one, and there will be mutations. this is not like SARS was which was so lethal, it killed the host(s) and thus could not spread.  Hari Kumar  

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