Re: Rise of the Right: White Supremacy and the Myth of the “White Working-Class” -

Michael Meeropol

Very fine article by DiMaggio --- but unfortunately it does not account for two things --

1). The "Obama to Trump" voter in a number of states --- most dramatically, I think it was Wisconsin ---

2). The increase in votes for Trump among South Texas Latinos and Black men in general --

YES --- these are marginal changes and DiMaggio's overall numbers are more important --- but of course Trump won at the margins in 2016 and lost at the margins in 2020.

THe broader point of DiMaggio's piece --- and the lesson that needs to be learned by those of us wanting to be part (even a very small part) of the broad anti-fascist coalition (or for those who reject the fascist label for Trumpism -- the "anti-Trumpist" coalition) is that the only way to beat the racist, xenophobes, (etc.) is to mobilize the rest of us who ARE NOT white nationalists or white nationalist "suck ups" --- black and Latino Republicans and extreme rightists who are in my (angry) opinion the US version of the Judenrat --- mobilize the entire anti-Turmp coalition to decisively beat back the fascist tide --- and it better be done in 2022 or 2024 or we will be the next Brazil, India, Turkey, etc.

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