LWVUS 2022 Convention Program Planning lwvus2022programplanning@groups.io

This group is for the posting of items related to program planning at the 2022 Convention, including concurrences and studies.

Leagues submitting items should follow the procedure set forth by the Program Planning Committee. All items related to the 2022 Convention will be posted here. 

The messages section is only to be used by League members for information related to program planning. It is NOT for general Convention discussion or debate. For this reason all messages will be moderated by LWVUS staff. 

  • Assume positive intent of all participants.
  • Our nonpartisan and DEI policies apply to this space. 
  • If you see a message that you believe is in inappropriate please contact the group facilitator with a link to the message. 
  • All messages are moderated. Please do not resubmit a message unless it has been 48 hours since you submitted it and no action has been taken on it. All messages will be reviewed and either posted to the message or kept moderated while a member of staff discusses the message with the sender.

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