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As citizens of the world we must protect our planet from the physical, economic and public health effects of climate change while also providing pathways to economic prosperity. To advance League action on this urgent issue, we have formed a nationwide collaboration effort: the LWV Climate Interest Group. We are a group of League members from across the United States working together to fight climate change. We have teams in important climate issue areas to provide materials for local and state Leagues to use in their education and advocacy.

Ready-made Climate Program for State Convention Caucuses or Local League Presentations

LWV State Conventions are coming up! The LWVUS Climate Interest Group is offering a “caucus-in-a-box” on climate change for you to take to your state convention. Or you can use the presentation and format for a local League meeting. The idea is to generate League climate discussion and action locally and in your state. More information here.




To join us go here or use the QR code above.             

To learn more about the issue teams, click on the thumbnails below.