Two devices on serial


I'd like to have the antenna tuner monitor the frequency of the radio while at the same time have my computer monitor and control the radio.
My question is can I tap the TX RX lines of the serial connection to the radio and have both of them (Computer and antenna tuner) monitoring the radio at the same time?
If not how could I go about doing it?


I haven't done this before which is why I ask if it's even possible, anyone have any input or should I test and see what happens?


Hi Patric,
It is possible to achieve what you want by selecting "Passthru" option on the LoopController "SerialPort mode" menu
That way the controller talks serial with the transceiver, "taps" the traffic internally and passes through all data to/from the computer via USB connection.

I am not sure that physically tapping serial lines will work

73 Notko/SA5NTK


OK, so what does a "Passthru" option consist of?
I'm not even sure how that would work.

Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?
Allowing the radio to send information to the controller and computer at the same time?