Somehow the pictures did not upload so I am trying again

Leonard A. Gucciardo KD2NEN

The stepper motor has 100:1 planetary gear reduction and is a NEMA 17 from . The cap was purchased from and the value was 2 x 20pf to 350pf. The guy that sells them is in the Netherlands and they are brand new quality caps. The voltage rating on it is 3kv. I put the stators in series so it acts like a butterfly cap. Also by doing this the voltage rating is doubled and the capacitance is cut in half so I ended up with 10 – 179pf @ 6kv. This works rather well and is very stable and the stepper positions are stable and repeatable.



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Cool setup. Well done. Is that stepper motor with redaction gear or standard one? If standard I believe 20-25mm stepper motor can  handle this turn easily and could be less weight.

What is the cap value?

Erhan, TA1LSX