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The backlight in my display works when I connect either USB or 12V. The link on the Teensy will not be cut until I get the display working

I have checked the circuit board for solder bridges. The Teensy flashes when I load the "flash" sketch. The display shows text when I connect it to a uBitx Raduino. But no text appears when I put it in the loop controller. The circuit board is loose at the moment, so you can see the connections between circuit board and display.

What should I do next?




Can we get pictures of the top and bottom of the board?


hi Andrew,
I believe to see that you have two times 6 connections wired. The display needs exactly this twelve connections. Your picture shows, as I believe to see that you have on the display only 3 pins left in the middle. There should be 4 pins spare. Same thing at the controller- board, It seems to be no spare pin in between the ribbon cables. You must connect pins 1 to 6 and 11 to 16 with the display. 
verify this!
73, Immo, DL5KB

Chris Spacone

I think your controller is distracted by the young lady pictured to the right of it!

May have something to do with an interrupt routine.



Some irony that makes me think something else is going on... I'm now having the same issue.