No data transfer from controler to radio

pierre Gilbert

Hi All,
Running loop controler with Icom IC 705.
Has someone experienced this problem ? no data transfer from serial port to radio when pressing the tune button (SW 5). Been looking for a solution with the help of a few friends.
Not solved the problem yet
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Pierre VE2IU

Immo, DL5KB

salut Pierre,
take a look to this topic 
after this some points to look after:
did you enable pswr_autotune (set PSWR_AUTOTUNE  to  1)?
Do you use the corrected file from Notko (at topic, linked above)?
and additional, I see, that the reaction-time for the TRX is set to 9ms at the delay_loop, while other have times up to 100ms and more...
and I found other Hams mentioning, that the IC-705 takes more than 100ms to react to commands, given by app.
So it would be a try, to set the wait loop for this thing to 100ms+...
see here:

This are the lines with ‘ delayloop(9)’ at ML_TRX

(I use line-numbers from the corrected version of Notko: )





So it would be a try, to set the wait loop  to  i.e.120ms.
good luck and 73


Hi Pierre,

There is a test you can do with the original software, provided: 
  1. Your controller has SWR bridge
  2. As Immo wrote PSWR_AUTOTUNE  is set to 1 ( that is in source code) if i remember correctly, Loftur has a binary for download with that option set.
The test - with everything connected properly
        1. Put out some power to your loop, e.g. 5W, by keying CW or TX AM, or FM or RTTY
        2. Press the Tune initiate (SW5)

If you get tuning action, then my correction will probably work for you.

The correction requires compilation of the source code to binary.
Alternatively, i can attach a binary with the correction, but it is personalized to fit my set up and shows my call on startup

73 SA5NTK/Notko