Loop controller

Johan Holstein

For this project I like to use a  Pololu TIC T249 stepper motor controller, very good stepper controller and programmable.

But I will inform you later how I did it.



On 05-02-2021 15:14, Johan Holstein wrote:
Dear group,

This is my plan for the power and swr meter with the 5" screen.

Integrate the the loop controller readout and buttons in the new power and swr meter.

So than we can eliminate the expensive encoder/display  and coupler, for the loopcontroller we need a blackbox with a Teensy 3.2 and stepper motor controller.

I will add a new page to the existing Power and Swr meter with touchscreen buttons.

Interfacing via a three wire cable to the blackbox.

Hope you are interested in this..... pls let me know.

Best regards,