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John Novack

czg7777 wrote:
What do you mean by "updated to a different city"? Numbers are assigned to a particular rate centre. This is based on landline technology and not particularly relevant for mobile usage, since the local calling area generally changes according to wherever the mobile phone happens to be. The only relevance is that calls to a mobile number from a landline will be charged according to the "home" rate centre of the mobile number.

I have a mobile number ( in the US ) in a rate center some 80 miles from my billing address. it was ported from an RCF number, which originally, 18 years ago, a land line.  Since my carrier considered my current location within THEIR local calling area, they allowed the port, though given that it was requested the first day porting to and from mobile numbers were allowed, it did take 3 months.
In the US, at least, it seems the location and name for numbers is up to the whim of the particular carrier, and often doesn't even change once a number is ported away to another carrier.

Anymore, in the US at least, so many providers have nationwide calling unlimited included, locations, and even the NPA, are close to being meaningless. Mostly only the IILEC carriers vary.
Customers move around the country, keep their numbers, I assume even changing their billing address, and nothing else changes. Only the "copper" fixed land lines and their offshoots seem to continue the 30 year old configurations and restrictions.

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