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L&N / NC&StL This is THE group devoted to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&N), and the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroad (NC&StL). The L&N list is the main source for email information, and has been serving the L&N community here since May 2000, and for years before that on other defunct list servers. L&N / NC&StL topics welcomed include history, preservation, modelling, collecting and museums. If you have L&N related items for sale, or on Ebay, you may post a message here about them. Please contact any sellers off list. Flame wars and name-calling will NOT be permitted. Spam will be weeded out, and off topic posts will be very carefully scrutinized. Cross posting will be allowed at times, just as long as it is on topic. Thanks, and let's all have fun!!!!!!!!

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