moderated Help with WSJT-X, Digi Keyer II, and Ubuntu? #wsjtx #ubuntu

sd_wireless, ZL1TA

I am trying to get WSJT-X working with an IC-7000, Digi Keyer II, and mhuxd. So far, it looks like rig control is good. WSJT-X reads the frequency display, changes bands, etc.

I cannot, however, get any audio from the radio to WSJT-X, nor from WSJT-X to the radio. In WSJT-X I have selected "alsa_input.usb-microHAM_microHAM-CODEC-00.iec95-B-stereo" as the input in WSJT-X and "alsa_outut.usb-microHAM_microHAM-CODEC-00.iec95-B-stereo" as the output.

I'd very much appreciate any help/advice that can get me up and running with this laptop.