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moderated Linux Version 7 messages By Larry AC9OX ·
moderated Transeiver Not Responding! connection problem with IC-7100 27 messages By Jeff ·
moderated fldigi does not "see" the Yaesu-857 9 messages By Bruce W4BRU ·
moderated Whereis diplays directory: ?? 4 messages By Michael Nadler, KI7QIB ·
moderated Request for guidance on NOS in Linux A.25 6 messages By Alan Dove ·
moderated Fldigi 4.1.18 will not compile with multiple "error: stray ‘\’ in program errors. 7 messages By K4IVE_Kevin ·
moderated updating fldigi on lubuntu 30 messages By Dave, N3WTK ·
moderated WWV sound card offset 6 messages By Dave, W1HKJ ·
moderated Linux in the Ham Shack Ubuntu 20.04.1 Budgie Install Video 4 messages By William Stearns (NE4RD) ·
moderated Prevent Signalink from being used as system default 5 messages By Chris Keller, K0SWE ·
moderated New Linux project interfaces with FLDIGI/FLRIG By AD5XJ, KEN ·
moderated Portaudio read error on Raspberry Pi 3 2 messages By Cliff, AE5ZA ·
moderated Live Linux distro with GNURadio and wireless 30 messages By Dave, W1HKJ ·
moderated #digital #linux A script for scanning ft8 bands (bash) By Saku OH1KH ·
moderated Flrig code enhancements 2 messages By Dave, W1HKJ ·
moderated mono : mkbundle : can't get it to work :o( : I am going round the bend ! 2 messages By G8JCF ·
moderated Upgrade to Fldigi 4.0.18 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (no GUI) 22 messages By Dave R kd6il ·
moderated Fldigi 4.0.18 RX RSID doesnt seem to function, when playing back recorded .wav files. By Dave, GØWBX ·
moderated What laptop / computer? 65 messages By W2PCC ·
moderated Linux AX.25 stack loopback? 7 messages By ... ·
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