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moderated Fldigi 4.1.18 & 4.1.20 display BPSK31 characters at a faster rate than Fldigi 4.1.16 By Stephen, KO4CVU ·
moderated Do I have a speed problem with Fldigi on my Raspberry Pi 3B 2 messages By Harry Bloomberg, W3YJ ·
moderated fldigi 4.1.16 Pulse Audio configuration issue 22 messages By Cliff, AE5ZA ·
moderated PTT on IC-718 4 messages By Cliff, AE5ZA ·
moderated FLRIG will not initialize TS-590S after adding Sound card info to Ardop 11 messages By martan1912, KJ6PVR ·
moderated Simple Question : Is it 'always' safe , once 'sudo make install' has been completed , to delete all of the files in the /Downloads folder? 7 messages By Al K7AOZ ·
moderated Package Source Wanted - FLDigi for Raspberry Pi Stretch 4 messages By AA7US ·
moderated RigPI Station Server for Remote Transceiver Solution 4 messages By Harry Bloomberg, W3YJ ·
moderated #fldigi #pi3 2 messages By PF1JM ·
moderated FLDIGI refuses to function 27 messages By ... ·
moderated WSJT-X on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with SignaLink USB: Which Audio Interface? 10 messages By ... ·
moderated Early Adopters Pre-Sale for the Digital Radio Amateur Workstation - DRAWS 5 messages By Dave, GØWBX ·
moderated #fldigi #tnc-pi2 #pi3 5 messages By Andrey ·
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