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Harry Bloomberg, W3YJ

Not sure what the problem is, but one easy thing to check is modulation level.  If you're overmodulating, other stations would have problems copying you.

So...check the ALC on your transmitter.  If you see more than just a very small amount, you're possibly overmodulating.  Reduce your audio output to zero and then slowly increase until output power quits increasing.

Harry Bloomberg W3YJ

On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 3:00 PM Stephen, KO4CVU <goinfishin1952@...> wrote:

This is a strange question, but I am a newbie as you will be able to tell very soon. When I compare the speed at which the characters I am transmitting are displayed while in the BPSK31 mode in Fldigi between my Raspberry Pi 3B running the current Raspbian and my laptop running Windows 10, the Raspberry Pi appears to be displaying them faster.

And I sent out CQ’s with the Raspberry Pi many, many times yesterday and didn’t get a single reply. PSKreporter didn’t show any calls from my call sign.

Out of desperation, I hooked up the laptop running Fldigi to the radio. Within 10 minutes, I had a nice QSO in BPSK31. And now, I have very recent calls from my call sign showing up on PSKreporter. It appears to me that the reporting stations couldn’t decode what I had sent using the Raspberry Pi 3B.

Both the Raspberry Pi 3B and the Laptop are running the current version of Fldigi. Each has its own audio interface - a FePi on the Pi and a Sabrent USB audio converter on the laptop. I am monitoring the power output from my transceiver with a watt meter and it is virtually the same with either the Raspberry Pi 3B or my laptop.

Is the speed at which characters are displayed indicative of Fldigi’s transmitting speed? If so, does transmitting speed affect decoding at the other end. What configuration setting(s) have I missed? 

Stephen, KO4CVU

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