moderated strange issue - random PTT

Dave - N9QNZ <dave@...>

Hi All,

I'm not sure where to go for advice on this issue.  I've been testing a relatively new setup with the following components:

Raspberry Pi 4
MiniPro SC (audio interface)
Wellbrook receiving loop

I've been testing receive only while waiting on a Chameleon antenna delivery.  Most of my time has been spent playing around with WEFAX or PSK31 decoding.  At no time have I ever tried any form of transmit with this setup.

From time to time, I find the TS-480SAT in transmit.  I have had the power dialed down to the minimum and no mic connected but PTT is "on" in flrig which I presume it is reading from the radio.  I can't for the life of me understand what might be triggering this condition so I thought I would post here to see if anyone else here has experienced this.  I'll also post to the TS-480 group.


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