moderated Re: fldigi 4.1.16 Pulse Audio configuration issue #raspberrypi #pi3

n1ukj dan

yea Cliff - AE5ZA  !

in my message:

my question was : "maybe there is an XML file that i can edit to remove the offend entry.
is anyone aware of such a XML file ??? "
you did It !
in your message reply:

your answer was : "open the fldigi_def.xml file. Do a search for <PULSESERVER>"

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you !
here is what the  offending line looks like on my system, that i have been looking for in the fldigi_def.xml file.
<!-- type: std::string; default: &quot;&quot;
PulseAudio server string -->

the result is that in Fldigi-4.1.16   Configure>Soundcard>Devices > [ ] PulseAudio  ---->Server string: [            ]

the "Server srting:"      textbox is empty, as it should be !
NOW when i put a check into the " [ ] PulseAudio"   checkbox, the program no longer generates a pop-up
Error window message i was getting as stated in my original posting message:

as a side note i made a similar mistake a year ago and was never able to resolve it on
guess that just says i'm not ageing gracefully or can't remember sh_t.
i'm thankful to those who endured this very long drawn out posting
but remember,  i have been dealing with this same issue for a year.

 i am exceeding grateful that there is a community like 
and the special effort of support that i found here.
i just knew it could be fix but the final credit has to go to :
Cliff - AE5ZA  !

dan - N1UKJ

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