moderated Re: fldigi 4.1.16 Pulse Audio configuration issue #raspberrypi #pi3

Cliff, AE5ZA


Close fldigi then go to your Home directory and then to the hidden directory .fldigi. In that directory, using the text editor, open the fldigi_def.xml file. Do a search for <PULSESERVER>. There should be nothing between the <PULSESERVER> and the following </PULSESERVER> tags. If there is then delete it to remove everything between the two tags. Save the file then open fldigi again.

Check that PulseAudio is running by opening the system Task Manager. You should fine Pulse Audio in the list of running tasks.

Open the app PulseAudio Volume Control and you should see your Audio Codec listed in Input and Ouptput devices, usually below the Built-in Audio information. Be sure the volume is set to 100% to start out with. That is often a bug-a-boo for people not getting TX power out.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Nov 17, 2020, at 12:59, Dan, N1UKJ <uspt@...> wrote:

hi Cliff -AE5ZA
thanks for keeping me up to speed on your install.
glad that you were able to self-heal.

if you want to see my prior post look at messages#

in your post above you said:
"Please realize you don’t need to put any thing in the server string to make it run. Just leave that blank"

that is my problem, i can not edit that textbox - it is grayed-out but i can still see the hostname: 'raspberrypi' in the background.
i am unable to remove , change or edit this field. i would love to make it blank ; but can not even do that !

maybe there is an XML file that i can edit to remove the offend entry.
is anyone aware of such a XML file ???

thanks Cliff.
dan - N1UKJ

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