moderated Re: fldigi 4.1.16 Pulse Audio configuration issue #raspberrypi #pi3

dan n1ukj

hi Cliff -AE5ZA
thanks for keeping me up to speed on your install.
glad that you were able to self-heal.

if you want to see my prior post look at messages#

in your post above you said:
"Please realize you don’t need to put any thing in the server string to make it run. Just leave that blank"

that is my problem, i can not edit that textbox - it is grayed-out but i can still see the hostname: 'raspberrypi' in the background.
i am unable to remove , change or edit this field. i would love to make it blank ; but can not even do that !

maybe there is an XML file that i can edit to remove the offend entry.
is anyone aware of such a XML file ???

thanks Cliff.
dan - N1UKJ

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