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Cliff, AE5ZA

Hi Dan,

First a report on my Pi-3B install. All went as expected. I had a self inflicted issue with trying to build with static libs, but when I went back to the normal way everything went as expected so I don’t know what was your issue in building fldigi.

I noticed you are trying to use Pulse Audio. That’s fine, I use it also as it is more stable on the Pi3 than Pulse audio, at least on mine. Please realize you don’t need to put any thing in the server string to make it run. Just leave that blank. What issue are you trying to solve with the audio? I don’t remember seeing your other posts on that issue.

Cliff, AE5ZA

On Nov 17, 2020, at 10:39, Dan, N1UKJ <uspt@...> wrote:

hi Robin,thank you for the reply.

some background, i tried everyday for a week to install FlDigi on a RaspberryPi 3B+ with fresh Buster 10 OS image.
i attempted several FlDigi versions including 4.1.12, 4.1.15, 4.1.16 all of which kept failing during the 'make install'
the failure point, was at what i think is possibly called a module install process.
anyway, it was always at the exact same point on all versions. i do not remember its name but was something like
dialogconfig or maybe configdialog.

on sunday i turned to for help
Dave - W3DJS offered a script file to install FlDigi which i used and was successful in running the program as well.
i have some limited knowledge of linux and programming but not familiar with Pulse Audio or the other programs
that this script installs:
sudo apt -y install build-essential libfltk1.3-dev libsamplerate0-dev portaudio19-dev libsndfile1-dev libxft-dev libxinerama-dev libxcursor-dev libusb-1.0.0-dev lib
-dev pavucontrol

after the script installed Fldigi 4.1.16, i attempted to setup the soundcard settings in the Configure menu > Devices
using PulseAudio as the setup instructions mention PulseAudio is the system for FlDigi.
the rest of what occurred, i have provided in previous posts.

note: i did add user pi to the 'dialout' group and that seem to go ok but perhaps it did not.
under the raspberry menu item "Sound & Video" > "Pulse Audio Volume Control" & "VLC Media Player" are listed.
i got the hostname  from running sudo raspi-config > System Options > Hostname which is the value i entered in the
'Server string' text box in FlDigi > Configure Devices > PulseAudio.

i have not completed any additional installs or setups beyond what the provided script has done.
perhaps there are additional downloads that need to be done but i am not aware of them.
thank you again for your feedback.
do you have some suggestions as to what i can / should do now.

dan - N1UKJ 

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