moderated FLRIG will not initialize TS-590S after adding Sound card info to Ardop #flrig #pi3 #ts-590s

martan1912, KJ6PVR

Good Morning, I had Flrig working just fine on my Raspberry Pi3 (latest raspbian buster). After watching a video on youtube I was installing PAT and Ardop and after I added a line
cd ~/ardop
./piardopc 8515 plughw:1,0 plughw:1,0
my Flrig will not initialize my radio no matter what I do. I don't know what happened in the background, but no matter what port I select in Transceiver port config, it will not work. I think I made a mistake entering that line since that video had instructions for setup with sound card like Signalink. I connect my Kenwood TS-590S radio direct with USB cable so I guess the entry should have been different.
Is there any way to get my Flrig working again without doing everything from scratch again?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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