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David Ranch, KI6ZHD

Hello Andrey,

I have Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and got TNC-PI 2

When you say TNC-Pi 2, do you mean the TNC-Pi9k6?   Regardless of which version, this won't work.  Both the TNC-Pi unit as well as the Fldigi program acts as the modem and you can't have two modems.

What are you ultimately trying to do?  Do AX25 packet or do other various data modes (PSK31, RTTY, MFSK, etc)?


from Coastal ChipWorks and trying to setup with FT-60R and fldigi but no luck. On first try got problem with connecting tnc-pi with pi pitnc_getparams was printing Trying..... forever, after fresh install raspbian got response so at least hardware ok. Any idea how to get work fldigi with tnc-pi?


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