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Raul M0ZZM

On Sat, Aug 18,
This doesn't make any sense.  I have Flrig here controlling an FT950 and there is no mention of XML files in the config.  What it sounds like you're using is RigCat in Fldigi.  This is NOT what you want to do if you which to use Flrig.
I tried both options, i.e. I tried using rigCAT with the file in the wrong place which caused fldigi and flrig to lose configuration, I tired to put the xml file in the right place, which makes fldigi work as intended but flrig not to sync with the radio; I tried also to set fldigi to use flrig and even to get both systems to open together, but had no luck. Even opening flrig first results in the programme not to load the IC-7100 configuration. It basically keeps the setting until I close the application. 

Use the defaults.  Flrig stores them in different places depending on the OS
This is what I have done now. Open fldigi, set it to use flrig, saved, closed. Open flrig, set all the transceiver variables as required, i.e. Rig IC-7100, port as the correct one as instructed by you and Ed, 19.2k baud (which works fine) all the rest as default i.e. RTS/DTR 12V and PPT via CAT - could it be this last bit via CAT that upsets the system? Or can it just be a silly thing such as having to press "save" somewhere?

When you were having this issue, did you ever post anything here on this list?  Could have been a real bug but the group here is very helpful and I bet the issue would have been squashed quickly.
I was not aware that this group exists at the time. If needed I am keen to resurrect the Windows system and try again to see if it fails again. It works very well with this RasPi installation.

Does the whole Rpi crash or just the program?   Which specific Raspberry Pi do you have and more importantly, where did you get it's power supply?  You should have a 5.1v (no, not 5.0v) @ 2.5A (no, nothing LESS) supply.  If you don't, you're probably experiencing brownouts.
The whole Pi. I now have replaced the PSU with something else and a better cable, I doubt it can supply 2A, it probably can push 1.4A, I will measure it sometimes over the next few days. However I had no more crashes since, even when I open very challenging web pages (for the Pi and the slow network it can use in the shack) such as

Ultimately, I see that Linux works quite well with these applications. I am now thinking of installing it on the old laptop, it looks less resource-hungry than Windows 10 and this element well "rejuvenate" my old machine.

Raul M0ZZM

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