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Unlock the value of your Knowledge Graph with data-driven content and low code apps.

Application platform

Easy deployment
LinkedDataHub instances can be deployed using a Docker setup or directly into the AWS environment using the AWS Marketplace product.
0% code
AtomGraph applications are not physical webapps as J2EE ones; they do not need to be implemented in source code and then compiled/interpreted. Like everything within the platform, applications are Linked Data resources, created and configured by managing RDF data. A new application can be set up in a matter of minutes.
100% configuration
The structure, appearance, and access rights of an application are completely controlled in the admin app.
Applications can use any SPARQL 1.1 compatible datasource. You can switch datasources at any time and and remain in complete control of your data.

Data management

Data import
AtomGraph supports file uploads and import of CSV data, by mapping it to RDF using SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries. Import of XML data is planned.
Data quality control
Consistency of the application's dataset is ensured by validating all incoming RDF data against SPARQL-based SPIN as well as SHACL constraints (built-in as well as user-defined), which are a part of the application's sitemap.
Access control
All access to every document on AtomGraph platform is checked against access control rules (built-in as well as user-defined). Unauthorized access is denied.
Uniform UI
The user experience is consistent throughout the platform; all documents by default support the same actions.
Administrative users can ontologies to extend an existing application structure, and upload new XSLT and CSS stylesheets to customize the user interface.
Remote datasources
An integrated browser component allows exploring remote Linked Data resources without leaving the application. We are constantly improving the software to take advantage of the distributed nature of Linked Data.
Linked Data API
Our next-generation Linked Data Templates technology provides read-write HTTP API for every document, customizable using declarative templates.
SEO support
Customizable JSON-LD output allows a mapping of RDF resources to That structured data is indexed by Google and other search engines and leads to improved rankings and rich search results.

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