The Liberty Net

This is a web group resource for the Liberty Net, an amateur radio current events discussion co-founded in 1974 by W1WCR. 

Features include an email list, calendar, file and photo storage up to 1GB, a Wiki and database integration. Anyone holding an amateur radio license or an interest in amateur radio or radio listening is welcome to participate.

  •  Every Saturday evening at 10PM Eastern time is the regular net 3.995 mHz (LSB)
  • Wednesdays at 10PM Eastern time is the mid week Liberty net on 3.995 mHz (LSB) 

    Rotating net Control Stations are: K1YW, KG4ZXC, N2IRJ, W1WCR, KA2PTE, KA8JOY, W1NJC

    During the nets when N2IRJ is net control, listeners who are hams or not can call into his station and be put live on the air via a phone patch system by calling 732.928.2563

    Sunday mornings at 10:30 EST a Liberty Net review starts on CQ100 where audio clips of Saturday nights net are played and further discussions are opened and check-ins are taken until approximately 1PM. CQ100 is a software transceiver for amateur radio stations available on

    Sunday evenings from 9 to 10Pm EST on 1988kc (pending propagation) is an informal gathering of Liberty net stations unable to attend the regular nets. It also serves as the fallback frequency if 75m is too long or the band is being abused.


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