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To keep the spirit of our annual native plant exchange alive, the Lexington Wild Ones Chapter created this group for Central Kentucky residents to exchange native perennials, grasses and sedges, shrubs, trees, vines, and seeds. This is not meant as an "exchange" in the literal sense where participants who offer plants expect to get other plants of roughly equal value in return, or vice versa. Experience tells us that new native plant gardeners need lots of plants, while those with established gardens have plenty to give. Thus we hope that group members will offer plants generously from their abundance and receive them gratefully according to their wishes. The plants must be native to the Eastern United States; cultivars of a native plant are acceptable. Here are a few group rules to keep in mind:

1. This group is not for buying or selling plants. All items must be offered for free or trade.
2. All plants offered must be native to the eastern US.
3. Posts in search of a native plant for a garden or landscaping project are acceptable.
4. This is not a plant identification group.
5. Plants offered should NOT be wild-collected.
6. Promotions are not permitted.
7. Be respectful of others.
8. Please specify whether your plants are potted or need to be dug.
9. If you are offering a plant for free or trade, please provide your contact information so that interested group members can contact you directly and arrangements can be made for transfer of plants.

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