Reseed front yard


I am looking for recommendations to replant grass in entire front yard.  Any suggestions?
Thanks ~ Jan Saks


Fall (Labor Day and on) is the best time to reseed.
If you want to do it yourself:

Consider having a soil test done.  UMassAmherst does them though it may end up being beyond optimum reseeding time accounting for time to have test results returned.

Soil test will tell you pH level with suggested amount of lime to apply.  Lime moves slowly through soil, so it is best to incorporate lime deeper into soil by rototilling or  dethatching.  Either of those also loosen soil and can mix in additional compost etc. Weeds should be removed first of course.  Dead drought brown grass could be tilled in.  There are two forms of lime- calcium and magnesium.  Some bags are predominantly one vs. the other, some are more equal.  The soil test will tell if deficient in calcium or magnesium which can help make decision as to which form to use.  Lime is also “fast acting” which is a powder and slower pellet form. 

Wagon Wheel sells a bulk mix of loam and compost “Super Soil” that has been screened to 3/8 inch and has very few stones or wood chips.  Other suppliers screen to 1/2 inch and have visible stones and pieces of wood etc.  Beware of bagged soil from big box stores as they often do not actually contain soil but rather shredded wood product.  Even the manufacturers (Scott’s etc.) admit to that, as seen in product questions/reviews.  

Soil can can be spread onto lawn area with a garden rake (not leaf rake) perhaps easier than shovel and wheelbarrow.  Seed will state a coverage area.   Note the area for reseeding over existing lawn is typically twice that for new lawn.  I actually found it necessary to use at least twice as much seed as the new lawn coverage area.  After sowing seed, cover with a thin layer of peat moss (1/4 inch) to help keep it moist and hide it from sparrows.  Water lightly as often as needed to keep moist. 

Steve Parus

Judith Glixon

My recommendation is that you create a meadow in at least part of your yard - to attract pollinators and sink more carbon! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me about it!


Shashank Nene

Very good explanation and tips. You have inspired me to try this out myself.

Does anyone have a rototiller that I can borrow? 

Please reply to me directly.