premieres decouvertes books in good condition?

Helen Epstein

Does anyone have the premieres decouvertes books (ages 3-6) in good condition? Wuld be happy to buy second=hand for my grandson. Please email me if you do or have any good pop-up books about cars or trains. Thanks, Helen

Lydia Swan

J'ai deux: La terre et le ciel, et L'oeuf.
You're welcome to both of them.

In other news, it was great to see Franci's War highlighted in the Bas Bleu catalogue! Fellow Lexingtonian Marjan Kamali's new book The Stationery Shop was also recommended in Bas Bleu. I'm thrilled for both of you. (And for your fellow readers!)

Also, Meg Muckenhoupt's new book The Truth About Baked Beans, was reviewed very favorably in last Sunday's Boston Globe. Another great read!

Email me your address and I'm happy to drop off these little books. I've been on enough Zoom calls for awhile, and could stand to get out for an errand. :-)