Jeri Zeder


I sent the following message to Lexington's Town Clerk:

"I’m writing because I’ve heard from some community members that they are seeing a problem with their mail-in ballots. Specifically, their return envelopes seem to have sealed themselves closed. Can they open them, insert their ballots, and reseal them? Or must the request new return envelopes? And if they must request new return envelopes, what is the procedure for doing so?"

She responded and asked that her answer be shared throughout the community. Here is her response:

"The white mailer can be sealed, taped, or sealed in any manner needed. The inner smaller manila envelope can also be taped if needed. What is most important is that the voter signs the smaller manila envelope. We are unable to accept an envelope (with ballot inside) that is not signed.

Once in the manila envelope and white mailer, we urge voters to deposit their ballots in our Town Clerk’s Depository Box. It is blue with yellow lettering and has the Town seal on it. It’s in the circle at 1625 Mass. Ave. across from the Town Clerk’s Office.

Even if a voter fails to put the small manila envelope in the white envelope, they can deposit the small manila envelope in our mail box. Both are accepted.

See our website for any further details. There are two sheets that will help explain other issues, and answer some pressing voter questions."

-Jeri Zeder



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