Please support the Tanaka family in Lexington

Ragini Pathak

Dear Lexington neighbors:
As we try to adjust to the new ways of living, Tanaka family is going through immense grief and face uncertainty.
Makoto Tanaka(49), a member of our Lexington community, passed away suddenly of a pulmonary embolism, leaving behind his lovely wife, Yoko, and three children, Hina, Yuki, and Tora, all in middle school and high school. Outgoing, curious, and unfailingly positive, Makoto had deep ties in our community. Some of you will remember him from his involvement in town hockey.
The family continues to grieve and manage each day. They are now faced with financial obligations and insecurity, as Makoto was the only income source. They are forced to make decisions about housing and whether they can remain in their home, education, health insurance, and daily expenses.
As they figure out these painful transitions, Neighbor Brigade, Japanese Americans of Lexington, along with friends of the family are hosting a fundraiser to help the family tide over these difficult times.
Please consider donating to this fundraiser and share it widely with your friends and family.
In gratitude,
Ragini Pathak and Harshini Joshi
Note: Please note that an earlier fundraiser, which has now ended, was organized by a co-worker of Makoto's and was shared mostly in his business community. If you have already donated, we thank you. Since then, numerous needs have arisen and the family needs additional support to manage these difficult times.