#LexTownOf Lexpress service resumes with lower fares! #LexTownOf

Sally Castleman

As most of you have observed, Lexpress is back up and running! Service resumed on August 10th, with new routes, new schedules and reduced fares and pass prices. Lexpress is Lexington’s own community public bus service, operating since 1979. It is a public service open to people of all ages. All buses are wheelchair accessible and each bus is equipped with bike racks.
As before, the main spots of interest are served at least once/hour, with added hourly stops at Lahey Burlington and Arlington Heights. Consult the Town website for route and schedule details: 
As with any transportation service, masks are required to be worn on board. Buses are cleaned and disinfected throughout the service day, with even deeper cleaning and disinfecting each evening.
Call or email the Lexpress office with questions:  781-861-1210 or Lexpress@....
Sally Castleman
Co-Chair, Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)