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  • #Weather Posts about the weather: past, present, future 190 topics
  • #COVID-19 Messages discussing issues relating to the Corona Virus pandemic. 131 topics
  • #UpcomingEvent Post is an announcement about an upcoming event 59 topics
  • #Recommendation Post contains a recommendation ONLY for household services (contractors, handy-people, plumber, electrician, roofer, lawn&garden service, etc.) 25 topics
  • #LexSchools Post relates to schools (public or private) in Lexington 21 topics
  • #Wanted Post contains a request for wanting to acquire something. 17 topics
  • #HelpWanted Post is about a Help Wanted situation. is a better place to send these messages. 13 topics
  • #LexTownOf Post about the governance of the Town of Lexington 11 topics
  • #ListAdministration Post relates to the running of the Lexington List 8 topics
  • #ForFree Post offers something for free. is a better place to post this kind of message 7 topics

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