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This discussion forum is for members and friends of the model railroad Layout Design SIG. Membership in the Layout Design SIG is encouraged, but not required.


Model railroaders, model train enthusiasts, and everyone who loves model railroading: we welcome discussion on all aspects of model railroad layout design, construction, and operation in this group!


Posts deemed as an advertisement for commercial products or personal items for sale are not permitted. Some posts for commercially oriented products may be approved at the moderator's discretion when in context with an ongoing discussion, and the poster also participates in other discussions and avoids "hawking their wares" in most discussion threads. Commercial posts that masquerade as non-commercial posts and other “for sale” posts are not wanted and will be grounds for being put on moderated status.


SIG membership includes 4 issues of the Model Railroad Layout Design Journal and access to SIG events. See the SIG's membership page for full details.

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