Unicode support


Hi! Discovered LBStanza just yesterday. After going through "Stanza by Example" I find Stanza a very exciting language. Please keep up the excellent work.

To my question: Somewhere it was mentioned already that Unicode support is planned. Do you know when it can be expected? Is there already a rough idea on how you're going to support it (new unicode string type, change current String type, ...)?




Hi Alex.

We're happy that you tried it out! Unicode support is still pending, and will come out this year, but not likely for another few months. We are currently working on some optimizing transformations for the generated code. We will likely change the current String type to be able to support unicode characters directly, much like how it is done in Java. For most users this will be a transparent change. Users that call out to C libraries using Stanza strings will have some minor updates to do to keep their code working.