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Yves Cloutier


I'm just a hobby programmer, but I always enjoying coming across new programming languages.

My main interest is processing text. Having had to publish a few books and having to work with Latex and Groff, I figured there must be a way for "non-techies" to use these tools. As an experiment I tried coming up with my own solution by creating a markup that generates Groff code under the hood:  

It was kind of a hack using Perl and have always wanted to create a proper parser for it using another language.

Like others here I've dabbled with Lisp, Rebol (Red). I also came across Spry, which others have mentioned here, Crystal, Nim, eC-lang etc...

I'm just getting started with Stanza, and I'm wondering if the documentation is available as PDF or a format that I can print for easy offline ref.  Or if none exists, perhaps I could somehow contribute?



Hi Yves.

Glad to hear you're trying out Stanza! The website is generated using a template expansion program that I wrote in Stanza. Currently, the template expands into HTML code, but I've been meaning to get around to writing a template for expanding into Latex code. Give me a week and I'll put it up.



Yves Cloutier

This sounds great Patrick.

Thank you.