New article on Stanza's optional type system posted



A new article that details the motivations and mechanisms behind the design of Stanza's optional type system has been posted. Those that have been curious about some of Stanza's internals and how it compares to other languages might be interested. You can find it on the Documentation section on the website under the Essays category.



Great write up Patrick! For me, the type-system took a little getting used to (and in my very first programs, I struggled to even find uses for it), but once I got the hang of it I was pleasantly surprised at how useful it could be.



Thanks Sumit!

Actually, we would love (really love) to hear about your experiences learning and getting used to the system. What background did you have before, and in what order did you "get the hang of things"? What do you find useful about it? And how do you find yourself using the system?