Do you foresee Stanza specializing in a programming feature?


Thanks for your interest. Stanza is a general-purpose programming language that specializes in applications that run above an operating system layer. The language is still new, so we have not developed any niche libraries for it yet such as the ones you mention, but what you can expect to see in the future are libraries that are surprisingly easy to use. The strength of Stanza's core features are that they are simple and orthogonal, and can be used by library writers to provide users with truly intuitive and easy interfaces. You can already see hints of this in Stanza's parsing library, which is driven by the defsyntax keyword and provides an intuitive interface to a powerful parser generator engine. There will be more and more libraries with similar ease-of-use coming out.



I have read the main Stanza page and know the goal is to develop a language that helps simplify large architectures. But are there any thoughts as to if Stanza will specialize im any specific features, like concurrency, web development, or big data? What kinds of things can we look forward to that will help seperate Stanza from some of the other popular languages.