Has anyone used stanza on Windows 10?

Scott Greenwald

I was compiling successfully a while back on Windows 8, but am having trouble getting set up on Windows 10.

The error that I'm seeing when I try to compile helloworld.stanza is:

C:\...\Downloads\wstanza_0_12_0>stanza.exe examples\helloworld.stanza -o helloworld
'gcc" "-std' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

So it seems like there is some kind of shell command parsing problem, where it's interpreting 'gcc" "-std' as the command (instead of "gcc"). Also, gcc is on the path, this is mingw-w64, the "version" command works, etc etc

I also tried pretending Windows is Ubuntu using the new Win 10 linux components, and I get this error:
.../lstanza_0_12_0$ ./stanza examples/helloworld.stanza -o helloworld
No such file or directory

I also tried replacing the source and target with full paths, quoted and unquoted, and still just the cryptic "No such file...".

Any tips would be appreciated!


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